Q: Do you take breaks?

A: No! Unlike bands we keep the party rocking from start to finish with no stop!

Q: How interactive are your MCs?

A: That’s completely up to you!  We can be background figures, interactive, or anywhere in-between

Q: How loud do you play the music?

A: One big concern with bands and DJs is that the music will be too loud.  This will not be the case with our services.  During cocktail and dinner hours we will play ambient background music.  We will make sure that your guests can talk amongst each other without having to worry about the music being too loud.  When it is time for dancing we will adjust accordingly. and speakers can be angled more toward the dance floor.  This allows the volume of the music to be loud enough to dance while the rest of the room will be able to continue to socialize.

Q: Should we provide food for the NWN crew?

A: That is completely up to you.  Please let us know prior to the event so we can plan accordingly.

Q: Do you have a wireless microphone?

A: We include a dual wireless microphone system as part of all of our packages at no additional charge.

Q: Do you have backup equipment?

A: All of our equipment is professional, industry standard, and highly maintained gear.  We will have backup equipment on hand to ensure the music doesn’t stop.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Unlike many other “DJ’s” we use cutting-edge equipment and sound systems.  We are equipped with the latest technology including completely digital playback.  Our systems are compact to provide maximum effectiveness while taking up the least amount of space.  

Q: Do you mix your music?

A: Yes! That is what sets us apart from other DJ’s.  We feel that automix functions on software spoils the mood of the dancefloor! We use industry-standard Pioneer & Numark controllers to live beatmix all songs to keep the energy flowing on the dance floor!  Feel free to check out some of our previous event mixes on our NWN Staff Pages.

Q: Do you offer a light show?

A: In addition to just the music, we provide a full, spectacular light show consisting of LED intelligent RGB colored lighting that is custom synced to the music via DMX and a Lighting Tech.  It is certainly a site to see and adds excitement to your guests on the dance floor.   We have lighting options to help set the atmosphere & mood of any party.  We also have many other upgraded lighting packages including, uplighting, lasers, Truss/Totems, Additional Moving Heads and more.

Q: Can we have a “do not play” list?

A:  Absolutely.  This may be very important to you and your event.

Q: What if we want a song that you don’t have?

A: Our music collection spans hundreds of thousands of songs spanning several decades and genres.  If there is a particular song you require for your event please let us know in advance so we can have it available.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: Thruought the event we will read your crowd and customize the music to fit the tastes of you, your guests, and the mood of your event. We have selections from every category: Top 40, EDM, House, Disco, Alternative, Dance, Country, R&B, Hip Hop, and everything in-between. We are sure to have the best selections for you and your guests.

Q: Will the DJ play the music we request?

A: Yes.  You & your guests will hear the music you want to hear.  Most importantly, you won’t hear the music you don’t want to hear.  Our DJ’s will listen to your ideas & suggestions.  We always play as many of your requests as we can as soon as possible based on the flow on the dance floor.  We take client requests ahead of time using our event planning forms.  Note, on average we play around 20-30 songs an hour.  We try to fit in as many requests as possible and still play the songs we know will keep people on the dance floor.

Q: Will the DJ take requests?

A: Yes! Our policy is to take requests from guests as long as the DJ feels they are appropriate to your specific occasion and time. We generally use the requests you submit as a gauge to what you feel is appropriate.  However, if requested by the client, we do not have to take requests from your guests at the event.

Q: Do the DJ’s dress properly?

A: We always dress for the occasion based on the type of event, location, and your requested attire/dress code.

Q: Are your services economical, can you fit our budget?

A: Typically Yes!! Our goal is to provide you an amazing event within your budget.

Q: Can we make payments?

A: Yes, a deposit is due at least one month prior to the event and final payment is required three weeks prior to the event.  We accept cash, check or credit card.

Q: Does the DJ expect tipping/gratuity?

A: While it is common to tip the entertainment industry, it is not required.  If your DJ surpasses your expectations and you wish to tip, we will accept tips as a great compliment.

Q: How far do you travel?

A: We serve the entire greater capital region area, surrounding regions and beyond.  Locations located further away will have additional travel cost included in the quote.  

Q: How much are your services?

A: Our rates depend upon a number of factors including the type of event, location, date,  setup, and any additional options you add on.

Q: Is there sales tax or other fees added to your service cost?

A: No.  There is no sales tax required to be paid on our services.

Q: Do we pay for setup time?

A: No, you pay only for the time the music starts until the music ends.

Q: What do you require from the venue?

  It depends on the event. Typically we require

  • Sufficient power: A 110 volt, 15 amp (or more) DEDICATED circuit for DJ equipment.
  • At least 1 six-foot or larger banquet table.
  • If possible, please provide tablecloth and skirting. We use a facade so please have the venue provide space in front of this table.
  • We would request a second 15 amp circuit if setting up a larger sound system.
  • Also, protection from direct sunlight and rain if the location is outside.

Q: What time will the DJ start setting up?

A: Depending on the event, location, and services requested.  Our staff will generally show up approximately an hour and a half or more before your scheduled time to set up and thoroughly test the equipment.  This ensures that you and your guests have the best sound and lighting possible and are ready to rock right away!  

Q: Do you set up a banner?

A: We never set up a banner at any event.