So you might be thinking, how did these numbers come to be

So here was where we calculated yearly use for each thing.

Alot of this is standardizing units and doing some basic math with formulas to estimate yearly usage (see the technical side by clicking on “How This Works”

The end results of this will tell you how much CO2 you emitted and how much water you used based on the average footprint of the activities we question you on see bellow. This does not account for things such as solar/wind/alternative energy, driving a hybrid or electric cars, your exact usage based on these activities, appliances, showers, or other activities. This would simply be impossible to figure out how to do given the timeframe we had to complete this or just too specific for what we’re trying to accomplish!


An average shower uses 2.1 gallons per minute


Baths use on average 40 gallons/bath 

Shower & Bath

Roundtrip Flights

On average 1 air mile produces 53lbs of CO2 

So we standardized this to divide down to lbs/person based on how many people a Southwest plane can seat. Lastly, we figured out the length of a flight from Albany to Orlando (a pretty average flight length for most, again another possible sway), and we multiplied that number by 2 for the roundtrip factor and got 741.258741lbs per person a flight 


Leaving your sink on while brushing uses 3-4 gallons of water a day. Roughly 1277.5 gallons per year! 


A standard campfire emits 9.68 kg of co2 

How much carbon dioxide does a standard campfire emit? from askscience


A car emits 411g/mile. For carpooling, we calculated this that same way as flying based on 3 people

Busses emit 0.14lbs per person each mile 


A single flush takes 1.6 gallons

Dish Washing

Dishwashing uses on average 5 gallons a load


A standard washing machine uses around 20 gallons per load


A sheet of paper emits 0.1925 lbs of CO2


All energy is figured out with emitted per kwh (see bellow):

Leaving your lights on 

209.58 kilograms Each Year

Plastic Bags

A single grocery bag emits 0.0363762lbs of co2

Lawn Mowers

90.61lbs per mowing 

One Hour Of Grass Cutting Equals 100 Miles Worth Of Auto Pollution.


63.427lbs per time

The equivalent of driving 70 miles

The Environmental Impact of Snow Blowers


While cooking with charcoal emits up to 11 pounds of carbon dioxide per grill session into the environment, for example, grilling with propane emits just 5.6.

House Heating

Natural Gas 6.54772919 pounds

Electric 7.60594805 pounds

Oil 8.73030558 pounds


0.072kw/day for 4 fans

AC 21.00kw/day