This is the most simple thing ever. So simple that it tells you what to do for each entry. Basically all you need to do is read the top part of each question since it will tell you how to correctly fill in the question. This is essential to getting accurate results

This is an example of how to correctly answer a question.

If you type in, for instance, a number that is below zero, or plain text into the box, if Nick set this up correctly it should kick back and not allow you to fill it in until you fill it in the way it requires.


Only click the red Get Results button once the response has been collected (After the name question). Also to learn more scroll down past the results board and click one of the two buttons

Note: The end results of this will tell you how much CO2 you emitted and how much water you used based on these activities we question you on. This does not account for things such as solar/wind/alternative energy, driving a hybrid or electric cars, your exact usage based on these activities, other activities. This would simply be impossible to figure out how to do given the timeframe we had to complete this. Also, in the end, we will list out how we calculated this, and also for those who are curious, how this whole thing works.

Enjoy our project!

Nick McPherson and Mason Lucas