School Events

“Out of all of the DJ’s I’ve seen and heard in the history of BHBL, you guys topped all of them” – Principal Coleen Wolf                        O’Rourke Middle School

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Real DJs, Not Button Pushers!

At your last school dance were you having a good time enjoying a song only to hear it end with a sloppy transition to the next song! Unlike most other area DJs, we NEVER let a computer mix for us. We bring club/festival style DJing to your next school event! Every single transition is manually mixed with industry standard Pioneer and Numark controllers. Sometimes you won’t even realize the song has changed and maintaining the hype & flow of the party.

Professional Setups

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Neat Appearance

Amazing Sound

We use industry standard audio gear from companies such as QSC & EV to deliver the crystal clear sound and boomy bass that all students love. And to top it off we put all of our gear behind an LED Uplit Facade to give an extra touch of neatness and wow factor to our setups. We also offer many upgrades to add an even bigger wow factor to our system!

Large Digital Music Library 

We have all the latest hits and classics to please everybody attending your school event. With the latest digital technology powered by Serato and Virtual DJ, we can carry every single song we own (over 250,000) to every event. We even carry amazing, mindblowing remixes and mashups that will surprise students. It doesn’t stop at the students, teachers and administrators can rest assured that all of our music played at school events are Clean, Radio Safe Edits (some even custom edited even further just for school events)! And even if edits don’t cut it, we allow you to create a do-not-playlist. 


Interactive MCs

We know how to get a crowd hyped up here at NWN Entertainment. We bring a dedicated MC to most of our school events to keep the crowd roaring. Whether it be chanting along to the latest hits or with giveaways like glowsticks and foam wands, we can get a crowd of any size jamming!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

See what students have to say about their NWN Entertainment school dance.

You did great, I had an amazing night. I danced to the Cupid Shuffle, it was great!

OMG You were great honestly!

It was awesome! The music was good!

The Dance was great. We made another successful one!


You picked some really good songs!

You did a good job! I think everyone lost it when you played Bodak Yellow

Homecoming Was Super Fun

It was fun and you were pretty good. Way better than the last DJ! 

OMG That party was lit!