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About Me

My name is Nick McPherson, and I am the Owner of NWN Entertainment. I am currently a Senior at SUNY Albany studying Digital Forensics, but have a love for all things music (this is why DJing came so naturally, blending my love for technology with my love for music!)

Our Story

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How I Got Involved


I originally got my start in the Entertainment Industry back in 5th Grade by volunteering to mix sound for the variety show at my elementary school. Following that throughout Middle and High School I became really skilled in audio mixing for both the theatrical productions and band shows at school. 

Why I Got Interested in DJing


Back in Middle School, me and my friend Will attended our dances, and both noticed that the DJs our school hired weren’t very good. They wouldn’t mix the music, they didn’t really read the crowd very well, and they didn’t bring a large enough sound system for a school dance. We both thought we could do better. So then I taught myself how to mix music on my laptop with just a keyboard and mouse. 

The Start of NWN Entertainment


One question I always get asked is what NWN even stands for? Long story short of how the business came to be was Will (who I had mentioned before) came up to me in 9th Grade English Class with this crazy idea to start a DJ Business and apply what we didn’t like about the DJs we have seen to bring people the parties we never got! I thought he was absolutely crazy, and that this wouldn’t go anywhere and that we would waste time (that aged well). But I went with it, and got another friend Noah involved for a while to help out. That’s where the NWN name came from. We pooled money and gear that we had already and managed to pull off a Sweet Sixteen in April 2017! Later on Noah dropped out to focus on other ventures and Will moved to Nashville in 2020 for college to pursue Audio Engineering (check out his new business Nashville Live Sound!)

NWN Entertainment Today


Fast Forward to today I still eat those words of doubt I said to Will about this not working out. Since COVID NWN has grown exponentially! I DJ 50+ events annually primarily Schools and Sweet 16s (My Favorite Events!) Back in High School I always dreamed about almost “touring” the 518 doing as many school dances for the high schools in the Capital Region! This year in 2023 I am making that a reality, with our LARGEST prom season to date (8 Proms as of January!) Comparing my setups from then to now is always amusing but it just goes to show you the amount my company has grown over the last 6+ years!



My Promise and Goal Since Day One!

“I started NWN Entertainment to give crowds the events I always wanted! Bringing the club experience to all of my events. We bring the largest sound, the best light shows, and on top of that mix our music live!”


First DJ Gig Albany NY
First DJ Gig Albany NY

My First DJ Gig back in 2017 with Will and Noah (Above)


What we look like today (Bellow)

Albany Country Club Uplighting and DJ
Albany Country Club Uplighting and DJ

Fun facts about myself!

Nick McPherson DJ | The Midnight Concert

My favorite bands to listen to outside of what I DJ with are The Midnight, The Band CAMINO and Nightly. I absolutely love concerts and was fortunate enough to meet some of my favorite bands!

I spent New Years Eve 2023 DJing on the beach in Cancun Mexico at a lounge called Tribu 

Nick McPherson Travel

I absolutely love to travel! My Favorite places I’ve been to are Hawaii and Cancun!

AV Installation Burnt Hills NY

Back in 2019 when I was in High School, I helped lead, start, and grow our Broadcasting Club and presented to the super intendent a design proposal for a recording studio that got approved!