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Burnt Hills Prom 2022 Saratoga Hall of Springs


We are experts at proms, homecomings, and any other school or campus events! NWN Entertainment is the go-to DJ Service in the Albany, Saratoga, and Schenectady Area to help make your next school event memorable! With 8+ years of success, we not only know how to play the right music at your dance and keep the energy level high, we can also give you our proven knowledge on promotion to help you SELL MORE TICKETS! We are proud to be a leader in the Albany Area for School Dances! Choose NWN Entertainment to take your school event to the next level. 

Nick McPherson was incredible! He had our students dancing all night long. He mixed up the songs, encouraged different dance moves, and made our kids so very happy! It was clear that he knows how to keep 350 high school students on that dance floor!

Rachel Polaski

Columbia High School 2024 Advisor

Expert Level Music Knowlege

We spend hours on TikTok and Instagram too, and know the music that is trending and will pack your dance floor, and most importantly play the Songs YOU WANT TO HEAR!

Burnt Hills Prom 2022 Saratoga Hall of Springs


We have a range of packages that are designed to give you an unforgettable Prom, Homecoming, College Event or School Dance at a price that your school can afford! Our Value is Unmatched! 

NVision Hyping Up Prom Crowd Albany

Interactive hype Djs

At NWN Entertainment we know how to get a crowd hyped up! We can keep a crowd of any size jamming without feeling obtrusive!

We recently used them for the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Homecoming pep rally and dance and they did not disappoint, in fact they had student and staff alike saying both events were one of the best in recent memory due to the addition of NWN Entertainment. The gentlemen who run this business are professional, organized, communicative, collaborative, timely and fun. Not only were they competitively priced, we found they offered more bang for your buck with their upgrades than other DJ services we have used or looked into. And again they were more professional than most companies we have used or looked into as well. They showed up on time if not early and were in constant communication with us regarding our wants and needs for the event. The students found them approachable during the events and willing to address any requests if possible.

Todd Bucci

Burnt Hills Ballston Lake SGO Advisor

see nwn entertainment in action! 

 Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s a look at what our School Dances look like! Trust us though, VIDEOS DONT DO A JUSTICE! You really have to attend one of our Homecomings, Proms, or Events to truly witness the level of energy we bring!

This could be your School Dance when you book NWN Entertainment!

20 minutes of uninterrupted footage of how we opened the biggest prom in the 518

This is an unedited, 100% real look of us PACKING the floor in the matter of SECONDS at Shen’s 2023 Senior prom including my dance floor opener (in full 360 VR). The 360 starts a few minutes into the recording and the video starts on my last song that I played during DINNER where people were already starting to come to the dancefloor!

This could be your School Dance when you book NWN Entertainment!

Real Comments From

Shen Seniors:

“Dude you are probably the best DJ I have ever seen. I’ve been to alot of events with a DJ and you HYPED IT UP!”

“Thanks for making last night so fun for us. You’re an amazing DJ. See you at my wedding! haha”

“You did so good last night one of the best nights I had in a while especially because my best friend and myself were originally not gonna go but we convinced each other to go since it’s our senior year”

“Man you had the place going crazy”

“I seriously cannot thank you enough for making my first and last prom the most memorable thing ever. You deserve so much recognition! Good luck in your career! You’re crushing it now and you’ll crush it years from now!”


why choose a great dj like nwn entertainment for your school event?

If you have a SUBPAR or BAD DJ at your school dance, this can directly impact your next dance! The reputation that they set can hurt your ticket sales and therefor lower the amount of funds you can raise with your dance! 

A GREAT DJ like NWN Entertainment consistently exceeds expectations and will make your student body excited for the next school event! Additionally, their friends who didn’t go will see the videos and pictures they share from that event and want to go, effectively increasing your ticket sales! Continuing the cycle and setting an expectation of having the best DJ will not only cause your students to have fun, but allow you to increase ticket prices, and raise even more funds for years to come! 


Shaker Junior Prom 2024 Hype Crowd Albany NY

Nick was the highlight of our event. He had the kids dancing nonstop for 2+ hours. His set up and lighting really added an extra touch to our event space. He was incredibly professional and so easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ.

Lisa Saunders

Northville High School 2024 Advisor

Ballston Spa High School Homecoming 2022
Shen Senior Prom 2022 Saratoga Spa City Center

   we are real djs, not button pushers!

At your last school dance, prom, college event or homecoming were you enjoying the music only to hear the song end with a sloppy transition to the next?! Or even worse, was the DJ playing the part of the songs that you don’t care about, leaving you standing around waiting for it to end?

Unlike most other Albany, Saratoga, and Schenectady NY DJs, we NEVER let a computer mix for us! Believe me, we’re shocked that DJs don’t mix too! We bring club/festival-style DJing to your next school event! Every single transition is manually mixed. Sometimes you won’t even realize the song has changed! We also do MINDBLOWING 100% LIVE TRANSITIONS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR JAWS DROP like the ones you see on TikTok (in fact, check me out on TikTok @DJNVision)! We play the best, known, and trending parts of songs to keep up with the short attention spans of today’s teens and keep the energy HIGH!

Want to hear what this sounds like? Watch the videos on this page for a quick glimpse. Additionally, unlike every other DJ in the area, we post FULL event mixes to prove it! See the bellow players to listen and enjoy! We keep the energy up the whole event!

crystal clear audio made for large events!

Most DJs don’t account for the size of school events! We know that a Wedding DJ sound system is not remotely powerful enough! We are EXPERTS in sound design! We use industry standard gear designed for crowds the size of School Dances (whether you have 80 students of 800)! Not only will you actually FEEL the music (that boomy bass that your student body will love), but our sound is so crystal clear, you can actually understand what 21 Savage is saying!


We would highly recommend NWN Entertainment for any high school prom or event. His energy and professionalism is commendable.

Lainie M. Christou

Class of 2025 Advisor Niskyuana High School

listen to our mixes!

These are recordings live from actual school events we DJed! It’s as real as it gets!

Thank you, Nick, for another amazing Snoball Dance. From initial contact Nick was professional, efficient, and attentive to detail. He’s full service, including lights in his DJ package, making the dance floor ambient and fun. He’s willing to utilize your requests and also add his own touches to get the crowd engaged. His music was school appropriate and updated. The kids had a blast, and we look forward to working with Nick at future events!


Columbia PTA Advisor

younger djs who are passionate about school events

If we’re being honest, most DJs I know in the Albany area would rather do a Wedding any day over a school event. For us, this is the complete opposite! We not only LOVE school events, but all of our DJs are younger and will actually fit in with your student body and know what they want to hear! I myself (Nick/DJ NVision) am recent SUNY Albany graduate and have been DJing countless school events since I was a Freshman in High School (I Graduated from Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake!) We take a modern approach to events! So you will never have to worry about having an old DJ who’s out of touch with the current trends, and what music your students enjoy! 


WE rock at many schools around the 518!

  • Christian Brothers Academy 
  • Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake High School
  • Shenendahowa High School
  • Shaker High School
  • Albany High School
  • Ballston Spa High School
  • Columbia High School 
  • Niskayuna High School
  • Northville High School
  • Hoosick Falls High School
  • Albany Academy for Girls
  • Academy of Holy Names 
  • Mekeel Academy
  • SUNY Albany
  • Skidmore College
  • Koda Middle School
  • Gowana Middle School
  • O’Rourke Middle School
  • Stevens Elementary School
  • Keane Elementary School

INSANE lightshows like you’ve never seen!

Admittedly at your last school dance the DJ may have been using what we like to refer to as either “Spencers Gift Style Lights” or “Spin and Puke Lights”. We bring lights that not only look amazing but use proprietary technology that builds mindblowing lightshows for each song that syncs perfectly to the music!




Shen Junior Prom Crowd
Columbia High School Homecoming Dance 2022

Our packages

the Star package


DJ/MC Service for the Duration of Your Event

Full Sound System Designed for Larger Events

Dance Floor Lighting

Online Planning Portal

the spotlight package



DJ/MC Service for the Duration of Your Event

Full Sound System Designed for Larger Events 

16 Architectural Uplights

Dance Floor Lighting

Online Planning Portal

the red carpet package


Social Booth With Props

DJ/MC Service for the Duration of Your Event

Full Sound System Designed for Larger Events

16 Architectural Uplights

Dance Floor Lighting

Online Planning Portal

Our Enhancements

Glowing foam sticks

 Expand the light show into your crowd with our light up Glowing Foam Sticks

custom lighting packages

Want to really take your school event, prom, or dance to the next level? We can take the lightshow to the next level and custom design something that no other school in the 518 has seen or done before!

extreme sound upgrade

For events over 800 or for those who really want to FEEL the music, we DOUBLE our audio rig. 

AI Photobooth

Add mind-blowing effects like manipulating the background in real-time, add funky filters to your guests while keeping the background classic, or replace a boring backdrop with an exciting themed scene!

 photo booth prints 

Add 2×6 Prints to our sleek open air Social Booth!  


“Lunch jam” or pep rally dj

Want to help sell more tickets to your next School Dance? Book us to come play during lunch to help you with final ticket sales, or to help hype up your Pep Rally! (P.S. No other DJ in this area does this!)

Are you ready to take your school dance to the next level!



To setup a call and get information on pricing and our services click the button bellow and we will email you as soon as possible. 


We book the Homecoming Season (September and October) 

and Prom Season (May and June) FAST! 

So as soon as you know your event date, contact us to lock it in!